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Fall Season NIWL

The Registration "Fall Season NIWL" is not currently available.


Looking to participate in a sport that requires skill, strength, strategic thinking and the desire to compete individually and as part of a team?  Whatever level you compete at, wrestling can enhance your life, improving fitness, strength and coordination.


Typical Fall Schedule 

September...........................................Fall Registration Opens (North Idaho Wrestling League)

Late September/Early October...1st Practice

Mid October.........................................Begin Competitions

December..............................................Fall Banquet

North Idaho Wrestling League

North Idaho Wrestling League


How to Register?

Use the registration link above to register your athlete.

Registration Cost:


Whats included with Registration Cost:

USA Wrestling Limited Folkstyle Athlete Membership (Insurance)

High School Facility use Insurance

Lakeland Wrestling Club Team Shirt

2 Practices per week for your athletes team/group

End of Year Gift


Meet and Greet 

Parent meeting:

We will be having a mandatory parent meeting the first week of practice at the High School Wrestling Room.  Date and Time tbd.

We will be selling swag and gear at the meeting.

If you have any used gear you would like to donate, or would like to borrow something out of our used gear inventory we will have some limited quantities available.

Single Checkout will be available at this meeting.   Singlet checkout is a $40 refundable deposit. (Checks preferred)


Practice times:

First week of practice starts in late September.  Practice will be broken up into 4 groups. Group rosters will be announced and posted to our Team App (SportsEngine) 

First week of practice starts October 3rd.  Practice will be broken up into 4 groups. Group rosters will be announced and posted to our Team App (SportsEngine) 

***Please note that due to the number of athletes that participate and the size of our wrestling room you cannot attend a pratice your not assigned to.   This is for the safty of our athletes.***

Practices are planned to be held on:



Tentative Practice Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday

Green 1 Practice – 5:15 pm – 6:15 pm (4 – 5-year-olds)

Green 2 Practice – 6:20 pm – 7:20 pm (6 – 8-year-olds)


Tuesday & Thursday

Gold 1 Practice – 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm (9+ year-old)

Practice will start October 2nd.





Practice times are subject to change based on the number of participants that we get.  The coaching staff will assess skill levels, and participants numbers to make sure your kids get the best experience possible.

***Your athlete is not allowed to attend a practice that they are not scheduled for.

This is for the saftey of our athletes, the respect of others to not hijack thier practice, and to ensure our skill levels, sizes, and weights are aligned with each practice.

If you try to attend a practice that you are not assigned to you will be asked to leave that practice and return at your scheduled time.



Tournament Dates and Locations:

Tournament Dates and Locations:


Tournaments Schedule:





October 21st

NIWL CDA Buzzsaw

Coure d' Alene, ID.

Coeur d'Alene High School

October 28th

NIWL Lakeland

Rathdrum, ID.

Lakeland High School

November 4th

NIWL Bonners Ferry

Bonners Ferry, ID.

Bonners Ferry High School

November 11th

Panhandle Championship

Post Falls, ID

The Courts at Real Life

November 18th

NIWL Lake City

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Lake City High School

November 18th

Northwest Bigfoot Battle

Spokane, WA.

The Podium


All tournaments are held on Saturdays.  

If you would like to attend the tournament you will weigh you athlete in at practice Wednesday or Thrusday.

At the time of weigh in you will pay your entry fee for the tournament.

Tournament entry is $15, and we can only accept cash because the club turns in the cash for each participant to the host tournament.

Tournaments are options buy highly encouraged.

For a tournament each age group will have a staggered start.

Please just show up for your staggered start session time.

Staggered start times TBD.


The fee pays for the metals for the top three places in each bracket.   Coaches and only one parent will be allowed mat side for each match when your child is wrestling.  


  • All groups will be doing Satellite Weigh ins after each Wednesday or Thursday Practice
  • We will be doing stagered starts to keep the amount of people in the gym at one time to a minimum.

Age Groups: Age groups for wrestling. You must be at least the age of 4 by the date of the first tournament.

Pre-Bantam year of birth               

Bantam year of birth 

Intermediate year of birth 

Novice year of birth 

Middle School year of birth 

You must be 8th Grade or Age 14 at start of season. 

How tournament weight brackets are determinedEach wrestler will weigh in prior to each tournament.  Their weight at that time determines the bracket they will be placed in.  It is okay if your child’s weight fluctuates between tournaments.  They will be encouraged to do their best no matter what their bracket.

All weight brackets are based off of USA classes: 



We have team singlets available for checkout for a $40 fully refundable deposit. Team singlets can be checked out during the first week of practice. Singlet deposit can only be accepted as a check, money order, or cash. DO NOT let your wrestler wear their singlet to practice. They are ONLY for tournaments.

Club Photo: We are so grateful to have so many wonderful sponsors that see the value of Lakeland Wrestling Club in our community. We want to thank them for their generosity by taking a photo of all of our kids together in their singlets and sending it to them. Help us give them a GREAT BIG THANK YOU by making sure that your child is present and in their LWC singlet. Date still to be determined.

We will also be hosting personal photos with Life Touch date to be determined.

Banquet:  TBD - Lakeland High School commons for banquet:

Pre-Bantam – Main dish

Bantam – Main dish

Intermediate – Main Dish

Novice – Side Dish / Salad

Middle School – Side Dish / Salad

The club will provide desert, drinks, plates, cups, and utensils. 

Singlets are required to be turned in at the banquet; deposit checks will be handed back at this time.  Failure to return the singlet will result in your deposit check being forfeited to the club and deposited into the LWC account so that a replacement can be ordered. DO NOT let your wrestler wear their singlet to practice. They are ONLY for tournaments.




If your wrestler has ring worm, staph, or any other skin disease keep them off the wrestling mat until they have been treated by a doctor.

Even after being cleared by a doctor and using antibiotics, please cover the area with "tagaderm" bandages as an extra precaution.

To help protect your wrestler from these bacteria’s have them immediately shower after every practice/tournament, wear clean clothes to practice and wash bedding regularly.

During treatment from a doctor the following form should be filled out by your healthcare professional and returned to your coach:




How can I help the club? 

We will be hosting a North Idaho Wrestling League tournament this year!

For the tournament, we will need the following volunteers:

  • Registration
  • Weight and data entry
  • Table runners
  • Hospitality room
  • Concessions
  • T-shirt & Sales
  • Tournament Management
  • Announcer


The club will provide training for any and all duties. It is LWC’s expectation that all parents volunteer in some capacity. We are a growing club and would love to talk to you more about getting involved year-round by joining our LWC Board.


What are the costs to sign up my child?  The fall registration fee will be $50, along with a $40 singlet DEPOSIT (your check will be returned to you with the return of the singlet).


Where do we practice?  All practices will be at Lakeland High School in the High School Wrestling Room.  It is a privilege and can be revoked by the school if team members or their families do not conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of school property.  Parents are asked to stay and help with the little kids. Parent participation is strongly encouraged. Please be mindful that siblings do not run in the wrestling room or other places in the school also that practice does not get disrupted. The coaches at any time have the right to ask you to leave until practice is over.  Each wrestler is expected to be an attentive listener and to practice as the coach instructs during the entire practice.  Wrestlers who do not pay attention and disrupt the entire practice will be asked to sit out.  Continual disruptive behavior will result in removal from the team without a refund.


What about hygiene for wrestlers?  Personal hygiene for wrestlers is extremely important.  To keep down the occurrence to spreading infections and skin conditions, the wrestling mats are disinfected regularly.  In consideration for all wrestlers, coaches, and parents, please do not send your child to practice or tournaments if they are feeling ill, have a fever or are experiencing flu like symptoms.  In addition, we strongly recommend that each wrestler adhere to the following recommendations.


  • Do not wear street shoes on the mates.  Do not wear your wrestling shoes anywhere but on the mats, (not on pavement, grass, etc).
  • Wear clean clothes to each practice
  • Immediately shower after practice and tournaments
  • Report any skin rashes to the coaches.
  • Wash clothing after each practice


***The North Idaho Wrestling League requires that all wrestlers competing in NIWL tournaments are free of any contagious skin diseases / conditions or they are unable to compete.  Wrestlers who appear to have a contagious skin condition should report it to their coach immediately and consult a physician for treatment.  If the condition is treated and is not contagious a note from the physician stating the condition is not contagious must be available at all tournaments and practices. is a good resource to provide information on contagious skin conditions such as ringworm and impetigo (staff infection).  When in doubt please seek medical advice from your doctor***




What is required wrestling equipment?  Singlet and wrestling shoes are required. A singlet is part of the uniform that we supply with a deposit.  An equipment exchange will be during registration and the first practice. If you have equipment to sell trade or donate please contact James Hammer. Headgear is not required; however, we do recommend they use it.  It will be required in Jr. High and High school.   The best places in our area to buy wrestling shoes and headgear is Big 5.


What food should I bring to a tournament for my wrestler?

Pre-Bantam will be done wrestling by 10am, Bantam by 11:30am.

Intermediate and Cadet will wrestle throughout the day. Snacks and/or lunch are needed.

Suggested food is, but not limited to: apples, bananas, granola bars, 100% fruit juice, boiled eggs, string cheese, deli meat, sandwich.

**Encourage your wrestler to stay away from acidic and/or greasy foods on tournament days.**

Check out our new to wrestling page for more information

For more information for new athletes


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